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6 Facts You Have To Know About Ijen Crater in East Java Indonesia

6 Facts You Have To Know About Ijen Crater in East Java Indonesia

Having a plan to have holiday in Bali or Bromo? Make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to visit Ijen Crater. Actually, it is just like the other craters. However, it is such amazing since its width is about 5,466 hectares with 200 meters in depth. Many tourists, both local and international have their heart set on visiting this crater. How about you?

1.Where Does Ijen Crater Take A Place?
Actually, Ijen Crater is located between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi Districts. Meanwhile, Banyuwangi is next to Bali. Therefore, we offer the tour package in which you can visit the tourism object in Banyuwangi (such Ijen Crater) and also Bali. It is not quite long tour. Since it is close to Bali, Ijen Crater is quite popular. Those who have holiday in Bali usually want to cross the sea and visit Banyuwangi. They want to go to Ijen Crater to see sunrise there.

2. Be A Witness of Magnificent Blue Fire
Unfortunately, those who visit Ijen Crater don’t want to see sunrise. They want to be a witness of marvelous Blue Fire. This story has been heard across the country. Even, international tourists only come to visit this place to see this Blue Fire. It is a flame coming from the earth. It can only be seen at midnight. Actually, Blue Fire cannot only be seen from this Ijen Crater. You can see it in certain place in Iceland. However, the most popular one is in Ijen Crater.  To be able to see this flame, you have to go trekking up to a spot which is situated in 2,443 meters above the sea level. Besides, you have start trekking earlier since this Blue Fire only comes up in between 02.00 till 03.00. In addition, it is only during good weather.

3. Enjoying Sunrise from Ijen
Indonesia has so many spots to see sunrise. You can mention like Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Mt. Bromo, and many others. However, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see sunrise from Ijen. You will have different experience. It is due to the fact that when you climb up to the top of Ijen, sunrise will be seen beautifully with natural setting around it. So, it is like double happiness. After seeing Blue Fire, you see sunrise. Is that amazing?

4. Pick the Coffee By Yourself and Enjoy It
Do you like coffee? There is a special place where you can enjoy coffee around Ijen. It is not quite familiar, actually due to the fact that it is relatively new tourism spot. It is called coffee tourism.

The coffee is planted in the slope of Mt. Bromo. Mostly, it is Robusta. You cannot only enjoy a cup of local coffee. You will also have experience about how to pick the coffee by yourself. You pick the coffee, then let it brewed and served for you.

5. Hanging Around Using Traditional Cart
Ijen is a place where people preserve culture, not to mention tradition transportation. Up to know, you still can see traditional cart over there. You have to try riding this cart to go around the city. It is quite expensive, actually. Yet, the price is fixed. So, you don’t have to worry if the cart pullers cheat you. They will not do that.

6. Dangerous Job as Traditional Miners
If you have already been in the top of the crater, you will see local people going down to the bottom of the crater and collect sulfur. In fact, most of them have a job as miner. They are traditional miner. They collect the sulfur without using machine at all. They use traditional tools.

Possibly, you might think that this is job is dangerous. Of course it is a very dangerous job. How they are able to breath in the bottom of the crater which is full of sulfur. However, since it becomes habitual action for those local people, they don’t think that this job is harmful.

So, when do you plan your vacation and visit Ijen Crater? Contact us. We Pesona Bromo Travel agency have Mt Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package with reasonable price. We will make sure that you will have memorable vacation.

6 facts you have to know about ijen crater in east java indonesia

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