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bromo sunrise ijen blue flame paraglidingBromo sunrise Ijen blue flame Paragliding Sport 4 Days is that the adventure travel package to know much more the particular beauty of Java Island Indonesia, This type of tour package include Mount Bromo Sunrise tour, Ijen Crater tour and Paragliding batu city (Popular Paragliding Sport in Java Indonesia ). The nearest method to enjoy this holiday package is from Surabaya, Malang City, You may even possible started your trip from Bali and Jogjakarta.

Bromo sunrise Ijen blue flame paragliding tour | Another interesting point about this tour package is that it denotes the combination of three fabulous destinations in East Java. which offer special experience in enjoying the natural pristine of Mount Bromo, particularly offering the majestic sunrise. the second tour is Ijen Crater. To some extent, it is similar to Mount Bromo in that you will go trekking and hiking. However, one thing that separates Ijen among the others is the fabulous Blue Fire. This destination is situated in the regency of Banyuwangi. If you are someone who fancies flying sport, then Paragliding is just the perfect choice to have. If you are at all interested in taking the tour, then here are some details itinerary that you need to note.

Itinerary and facility to Bromo sunrise Ijen blue flame Paragliding Sport 4 Days 3 Nights start from surabaya airport :

Day 1 : Surabaya – Hotel around Ijen crater

Day 2 : Ijen Crater blue flame Tour – Mount Bromo sunrise tour

  • On the second day of the tour, you have to wake up at 12.30 AM and have breakfast.
  • you need to start the tour at 01:00 am to go to Ijen Crater. This is the perfect time to spot the well-recognized Blue Flame/ blue fire.
  • You will reach the Paltuding entrance at 2:00 am. Right from that point, you will go on foot hiking Mount Ijen for about 3 Km with tour guide who will take you to the location of Blue Flame at the bottom of Ijen Crater.
  • After enjoying the Blue Fire phenomenon, you can go back to the top of Ijen crater to see the night view of Ijen crater from above, where you can see the overall crater adorned by Blue Fire. And also you can enjoy the view of green acid lake, sulfuric crater dome with yellowish colour, local miners activity loading sulfur from the bottom of the crater.
  • 06.00 AM : Finish take all the view pictures, comeback to paltuding or parking lot for 1,5 hours then comeback to your hotel to take shower and prepare for next trip.
  • Check out and continue to Hotel around Mount Bromo and it’s takes 6 hour driving.
  • arrived at bromo area and chek-in hotel for stay overnight.
  • free program.

day 3 : Mount Bromo Sunrise – Lodge around Malang Batu City

  • The Sunrise Tour hike is started from the hotel you have checked in at 3:00 am. You will be picked up by a jeep 4 WD which will take you all the way to the view point where you can enjoy the spectacular sunrise, Bromo Sunrise.
  • The top of the view point is the most beautiful spot as the view point to enjoy the sunrise. Right from that point, you will see panoramic view of mount Bromo perfectly. You can see the range of hills and fields under. Of course, you can only have such a fascinating experience if the weather is friendly.
  • After you have done enjoying the view of Bromo sunrise, 05.30 am you can go down to Bromo’s sea of sand by Bromo jeep to the main destination, Mount Bromo.
  • From the parking area of Bromo jeep, you need to continue the trip on foot to the crater of Mount Bromo. In case you cannot make the walk, you can have an alternative by renting horse. There are a lot of horses offered to take you around Bromo tourism resort.
  • When you have had enough enjoying the view of Mount Bromo, you can go exploring the crater of Mount Bromo.
  • 08.00 am At the end of your trip at Mount Bromo, the jeep will take you back to the hotel for breakfast, shower, and packing.
  • 11.00 am As you finish packing your stuff, then you need to check out from the hotel and proceed to Hotel around Batu Malang City for 3,5 hours driving.
  • free program.

Day 4 : Paragliding Sport– Surabaya Airport

  • Wake up in the morning at 07.00 AM to have breakfast and preparing to Check Out
  • 08.00 AM continue to Mount Banyak (the highest peak for paragliding sport)
  • After you reach Paragliding location, take information for 15 minutes about the Paragliding in Java Island Indonesia while using Paragliding tools (harness, carabiner, altimeter, cockpit and other equipments in paragliding).
  • Afterward, Start Paragliding Tour with the special travel guide and doing Paragliding for 5-10 minutes and enjoy the view of mountains Batu city appearance from the sky.
  • After finish take pleasure in the Paragliding Sport, proceed to Surabaya Airport area for 3,5 hours driving (When finish enjoy paragliding sport, In case you still have additional time, You may enjoy some other tourism object in Batu City).
  • when you Reach Surabaya Airport, That is the end of bromo sunrise Ijen blue flame paragliding tour.

Facilities of Bromo sunrise ijen blue flame paragliding tour in 4 days:

  • Private transport with AC, driver and fuel during the tour
  • 3 Nights accommodation
  • Daily mineral water
  • Meals : 3 x Breakfast at hotel
  • Local guide for ijen crater
  • Private Jeep 4 WD for Mount Bromo Sunrise tour
  • Entrance ticket Fee for bromo, ijen crater tour and paragliding
  • paragliding facilities (harness, carabiner, altimeter, cockpit and other equipments in paragliding).
What are not included in Bromo sunrise, blue flame ijen crater and paragliding tour package?
  • English speaking tour guide who will accompany during the tour (can be provided by request)
  • Horse transportation
  • savanna hill and whispering sand
  • Travel insurance and personal expense
  • Lunch and dinner.

Note :
for paragliding sport depends on the weather conditions at the site. paragliding sport tour will be canceled if bad weather conditions because it will endanger your safety.

If you want to get detail information about tour package price, accommodation and booking requirements, you can contact us here.

Bromo sunrise, ijen blue fire and paragliding sport tour package

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