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coban sewu waterfall

Feel Different Experience By Taking Adventure at Coban Sewu Waterfall

Located in Sidomulya Village, Coban Sewu Waterfall has been known as one of the most amazing waterfalls owned by Java Island. Local people call it Tumpak Sewu waterfall or in Java Air Terjun Tumpak Sewu. Similar to Madakaripura Waterfall, it... read more

6 Facts You Have To Know About Ijen Crater in East Java Indonesia

6 Facts You Have To Know About Ijen Crater in East Java Indonesia

6 Facts You Have To Know About Ijen Crater in East Java Indonesia Having a plan to have holiday in Bali or Bromo? Make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to visit Ijen Crater. Actually, it is just like... read more

mount bromo sunrise

Mount Bromo Sunrise tour package

Mt Bromo sunrise tour package | Mount Bromo and the beauty of the sunrise in the mountains are decorated vast sea of sand shaped caldera always amazed tourists both domestic and international tourists. Mountain areas are included in Bromo Tengger... read more

mount bromo milky way

Enjoying Mt Bromo Milky Way, East Java

Almost every night, Milky Way appears. Exactly, you can see the beautiful view of mount bromo Milky Way from 07.00 PM till 04.30 AM. However, sometimes it doesn’t show up when the sky is foggy. Therefore, a lot of photographers... read more

surabaya city tour option

Surabaya City tour option

1 December 2017 33x East Java tourism information

Surabaya now becomes the second largest city in Indonesia. This capital city of East Java is also known as business and education centre. There are so many shopping centres which provide various traditional food all over Indonesia. Having established in... read more

bromo entrance ticket price

Mount Bromo Entrance Ticket Price

25 November 2017 35x East Java tourism information

It is important for you to know that the price for Mount Bromo entrance ticket might change. It depends on when you come to visit Bromo. Sometimes, the price is so expensive. Mostly, it happens during holiday, weekday, and weekend.... read more

G-land plengkung surfing beach

Surfers Must Visit G-Land Plenkung Surfing beach in Banyuwangi

24 November 2017 44x East Java tourism information

Tourists consider G-land Plengkung Surfing as the best beach for surfing in Banyuwangi. When you arrive there, you will see G-Land. The word G means Grajagan. It is the name of bay in which you will see huge waves. It... read more

kalibendo waterfall banyuwangi

Kalibendo Waterfall as New Wonderful Destination in Banyuwangi East Java

17 November 2017 37x East Java tourism information

Kalibendo Waterfall is regarded as an amazing waterfall located in East Java, exactly in Kalibendo Agro Tourism region, Kampung Anyar Village of Glagah. It has 10 meter height. In English language, Kali ini word “Kalibendo” means river. So, Kalibendo means... read more

savanna hill and whishpering sand mount bromo

Savana Hill and Whispering Sand Mount Bromo

2 November 2017 50x East Java tourism information

Almost all tourists visit Savana Hill and Whispering Sand mount Bromo after they enjoy sunrise in the high peak of Mount Bromo and see the crater. Even, you don’t have to miss the opportunity to see this Savana Hill when... read more

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