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kalibendo waterfall banyuwangiKalibendo Waterfall is regarded as an amazing waterfall located in East Java, exactly in Kalibendo Agro Tourism region, Kampung Anyar Village of Glagah. It has 10 meter height.
In English language, Kali ini word “Kalibendo” means river. So, Kalibendo means Bendo river. It is a river which is surrounded by natural plantations like coffee, rubber, and cloves. The river flows from the Ijen Volacano. So, it can be said that Kalibendo is te foot of Ijen Volcano. In order to get there, you have to drive by car about 1 hour from Banyuwangi city. From Banyuwangi, you need to find the way to northern Kawah Ijen or Ijen Crater since it has the same way. It is situated in northern of Banyuwangi. When you get there, you will see beautiful Ijen Mountain. It has been a famous place for tourists to visit. Most of them are teenagers. They like to take a picture with beloved one over there. However, adult people also love to be there since it has so natural view.

Kalibendo Waterfall Banyuwangi East Java

Do you like swimming? If you do, you can swim in the river and go to the waterfall. It has fresh and clean water. It is just like water in Mount Bromo. You should not to worry since the river is shallow. It also only has little stream flow. You just go swing and you will get to the waterfall.

There is PT. Plantation just in the entrance. So, when you go by motorcycle or car, you can park your vehicle in the wide yard there. It is a parking lot which is located in front of the hall. When you have already parked your vehicle, trekking starts. But, you can buy foods and beverage as well since there are stalls in the parking lot. Along the journey, you will find clove plantations on your right and left side. You also will see Bendo trees. In this case, you have to watch out the path during trekking because the path is still natural. It is still naturally made of land or ground.
You only need to go along the path. Then you will meet the river in which there is a bridge over it. It is made of a wooden. It has only 1 meter above the river.
You have to be patient since the journey is quite far away. You will meet the path trail along the cliffs on the tops side. It is about 300 meters till you get into the river again. It is the river that leads you to the waterfall. It is only about few hundred meters.
When you already get into Kalibendo Waterfall, try to enjoy the view. And you can think about visiting Ijen Crater since it is the best attraction in Banyuwangi as well. If you have time, you can also visit G-Land Banyuwangi, Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Green Bay, Sukamade Beach and the others.
If you really want to visit this waterfall, it would be better for you to land in Banyuwangi Harbor. It is the nearest way to get to Kalibendo waterfall. However, if you like to go by plane, make sure that you arrive in Surabaya Airport in the morning due to fact that it is quite far away from Kalibendo Waterfall Banyuwangi.

It is highly recommended that you choose full holiday package. There are so many attractions in East Java. When you arrive in East Java, you need to visit Bromo to see sunrise. For more information about package, price, and services, feel free to contact us.

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