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There is no doubt that Mount Bromo Milky Way tour 2 days has been so popular among photographers in the island of Java. In almost every season, hundreds of photographers perpetuate the beauty of Milky Way at midnight. Mount bromo milky way tour | They spend hours and hours waiting to see Milky Way right from the top of Mount Bromo national Park. Basically, there are a number of summits in Mount Bromo where we can explore the beauty of such a spectacular natural phenomenon, which consist of Kingkong hill, Mentingen hill, and Seruni point, which is the second view point. One fhe most visited spots in Mount Bromo is Mount Pananjakan with the altitude of 2,770 meters from sea level. this particular spot can only be reached by  4-WD jeep at midnight, 00:00 AM, from any hotels nearby. The trip takes only 30 minutes to reach the spot. After you reach the summit, you can go trekking for about ten minutes till you get the best spot to enjoy the phenomenon. Afterward, you can start gearing up and setting your equipment to take the best shots of the breathtaking Milky Way. Some of the essentials that most photographers bring with them include tripod, remote control for the camera, flashlights, quick lens, and sky map apps.

mount bromo milky way tour 2 days

The Best Way to Enjoy Milky Way
If you have never made the trip to see Milky Way in Mount Bromo, then you had better start from Surabaya or Malang at 09:00 in the morning. You can start the trip from any of the aforementioned points by our travel service and then go to a hotel close to Mount Bromo. One thing for sure, the earlier, the better. This is because you can have lots of time resting and preparing your stuff before you embark on your picturing projects. In order to obtain any itinerary details, please read the details below.

Mount Bromo Milky way tour 2 days from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta, or Bali

Day 1: Surabaya, Malang, Or Banyuwangi-Hotel in Mount Bromo area
  • Right on the first day, you will get picked up by private car with air conditioner. The car will take you to the hotel you have chosen. The first ride will take approximately 3.5 hours driving. When you have reached the hotel, you can stay overnight before you continue the trip.
Day 2: Milky Way Tour-Bromo Sunrise Tour-Come back to the Hotel
  • On the second day, you need to wake up at 00:00 AM and then you will be taken to the highest spot in Mount Bromo, which takes about half an hour by a jeep right from your hotel.
  • When you reach the spot you want, you can take a walk for about ten minutes to Mount Pananjakan, which is the first view point. Next, you can start preparing your photograph equipment before start taking the pictures of Milky Way. Commonly, the phenomenon appears from 01:00 AM and ends at 05:00 AM.
  • When you have finished photographing Milky Way phenomenon, you can continue the tour by enjoying the beauty of Bromo Sunrise at 5:20 AM. In addition, you can enjoy the vast Sea of Sand, the majestic Mount Semeru before you go back to the jeep.
  • The next part of the trip will take you to the crater of Mount Bromo. You will get off at the parking area close to the crater and then start trekking to the crater for about half an hour. If you cannot make the trek, you can always rent a horse which is offered around the crater.
  • When you have finished enjoying the Milky Way phenomenon, Bromo Sunrise, and the other spectacular sceneries, you can go back to your hotel for breakfast, or you can take a rest before you go back to your arrival point.
 Facitlity of Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour :
  • Private transport with ac, driver and fuel during the tour
  • Entrance ticket fee for Mt. Bromo national park
  • 4WD Jeep for the sunrise tour at Mt. Bromo
  • Daily mineral water
  • 1 night accommodation
  • meals : 1x breakfast
  • Airport transfer in and out
What are not included in the tour package?
Enjoy the majestic stars of the Milky Way in the skies with the best Mount Bromo Milky Way tour package available at the best prices just for you! Get your mind blown away with this rare sight; make sure you choose the right professional tour for a fulfilling trip in Mount Bromo. The stunning stars in the Milky Way make for an amazing backdrop to click some awesome pictures. Make sure that you have some great pictures to cherish for your lifetime with our top-class Mount Bromo Milky Way photography tour. When in Mount Bromo, make sure you pick the right tour to get a trip of a lifetime!
Mount bromo milky way tour is a two-day tour. If you are at all interested in exploring Mount Bromo for capturing precious and spectacular phenomenon of Milky Way, then this is just the perfect tour for you. You can also enjoy some other beauties of Java Island, such as Ijen Crater and Mount Semeru.  Please contact us For more detail information about  mount Bromo-milky way tour price, accommodation and facility.
Price : IDR 2,250,000/person
minimum participants : 2 person
Duration : 2 days 1 Night
Additional info : private tour

Mount Bromo milky way tour 2 days 1 night package

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