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surabaya city tour optionSurabaya now becomes the second largest city in Indonesia. This capital city of East Java is also known as business and education centre. There are so many shopping centres which provide various traditional food all over Indonesia. Having established in 1293, Surabaya City is so famous as heroic city. Surabaya people have spirit of heroism. They feel like there is no time for surrender. The total population of Surabaya city is about 3 millions. Now, it becomes metropolitan city with a lot of interesting places to visit.

City tour option at Surabaya

The first interesting place belonging to Surabaya is Suramadu Bridge. It is a bridge which connects Surabaya to Madura. It has about 5,550 feet long. For now, it has been the longest bridge in Indonesia. The main purpose of building this bridge is to accelerate the development in Madura. Now, Surabaya has an iconic tourist attraction. It is Suramadu Bridge.

The other place you have to visit when you are in Surabaya is House of Sampoerna. This is unique building Surabaya has. It is built in Dutch style. Now, it becomes a museum. In this building, you will see come collection of equipment which is used to produce tobacco, cigarette lighters, musical instrument, family photos of the owner, and many others. However, there is a place that is still used to make cigarette. It is in the 2rd floor. You go upstairs and see by yourself the process of making cigarette. Before leaving, remember to buy souvenirs.

The other optional attraction in Surabaya is Surabaya Zoo. It is regarded as the most complete zoo in South East Asia. This zoo is a place for more than 351 species of fauna and 2,806 animals. So, almost any kind of fauna from different places can be found here. When you arrive in this zoo, a statue of a giant white shark and crocodile welcome you. Those animals are icons of Surabaya. Historically, those animals are used to interpret the fight between Mongol Forces and Raden Wijaya’s Majapahit Forces. When you have a plan to visit this zoo, you can try to find Setail 1 street Surabaya. This is location where the zoo takes a place.
You shouldn’t forget to see submarine museum. In this place, you will learn about history of Indonesia. Actually, it is a part of Indonesia Navy’s submarine. In 1952, it was built in Vladi Wostok Russia which was then named with KRI Pasopati. It was used to go oversee and collection any importation information without any detection. It is also used for raid and surveillance as well. However, in 1999, it resigned then it was separated into 16 blocks. Further, those blocks are rebuilt again and placed in this recent site.

Most of tourists who have been in Surabaya usually visit Hero Monument. It is another place in Surabaya in which you can learn about Indonesia history. Situated in Tembaan Street, this monument becomes the symbol of admiration to the heroes who died in a great battle against allied forces paralyzed by NICA. However, the batter is won by Surabaya Heroes in 10 November 1945. When you see the detail of the monument, you will find that it is actually formed of reverse nail. It is 40.45 meters high with 3.10 meters diameter and 1.30 meters in diameter in bottom. Just below the monument, you will see carving “trident pictorial”, “Chakra”, “Stamba”, and “Padma”. That carving becomes a symbol of fire fight. For now on, young generation will understand that this monument becomes the evident in which freedom in Indonesia, especially in Surabaya is grabbed with blood.

Cheng Ho Mosque is a great tourism object that you need to visit as well. It is a unique mosque. It is quite different with usual mosque. This mosque design is a mix between Chinese and Javanese culture. Chinese architecture can be seen from green, yellow, and red colours. Meanwhile, Javanese architecture can be seen from Joglo built over there. Therefore, people say that it is symbol of acculturation between Chinese and Javanese culture. In fact, it is a mosque which is built to admire Cheng Ho, a Chinese person who becomes moslem when he got into Majapahit Kingdom of Java.

More Detail Information About Surabaya City Tour Option
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