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Located in Sidomulya Village, Tumpak Sewu Waterfall has been known as one of the most amazing waterfalls owned by Java Island. Local people call it Coban Sewu waterfall or in Java Air Terjun Tumpak Sewu. Similar to Madakaripura Waterfall, it has extreme road in order to get there. Therefore, a professional local tour guide is needed.
Tumpak sewu waterfall lumajang east java

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall local people call it Coban sewu waterfall

You cannot reach this waterfall area by a car. You need to park the car in the parking lot provided. When you are from Surabaya Airport, you need to go to Lumajang City. However, before you find a boundary monument between Lumajang and Malang, you will find an alley down the side of the road. It is about 100 meters before the monument. Take that road and find the parking lot which is exactly in the sand minder hut. You can park the car there and go for a walk along the river about 200 meters.
Do you know why this waterfall is called Coban Sewu? In Indonesia, it is called seribu air terjun (thousand waterfalls). This name is given due to the fact that there is much water flowing from the above along the cliff. Besides, this waterfall is quite high.
When you follow the road like what has been explained before, you will find this waterfall from above. However, if you want to watch this waterfall from below, you need to get down through Goa. Just go for a walk along the river. One thing you have to remember. By taking this route, you have to prepare yourself since it will be your extreme adventure. You have to follow the river. The road might be slippery due to moss. So it is strongly recommended that you wear right sandals.
Nevertheless, this extreme adventure is worth enough since you will be treated with a beautiful view. The water of the river is so clear. Possibly, you have to make sure that your camera battery is full since you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take a picture during trekking, right?

So, are you ready to have vacation in Tumpak Sewu Lumajang? Here are some tools that you have to prepare.
1. Sandals or slippers. Like what has been explained before, the route is so slippery.
2. A rubber pack. It will be so useful since you can keep your camera dry. No one know if you camera or your other belongings drop down to the river, right?
3. Take enough food and drink with you since you will not find any stores selling foods or drinks during trekking.
4. Get current information about the temperature. Make sure that it is not rainy season when you want to go to visit this Coban Sewu Waterfall.
5. Hire a local guide. It will be helpful since he is the one who knows exactly about the route. Besides, he will be help you to bring your belongings as well.
When you have arrived in the location, you will see the great waterfall. Some people call it Mini Niaga Waterfall due to its height. When they visit Bromo, they don’t want to miss to visit this waterfall. What about you?

Find Different View by Getting Down to the Bottom of the Canyon

It doesn’t matter if you take the rout leading you to the top of the waterfall. It is due to the fact that you can go down to the canyon. There is bamboo ladders that you can climb down. However, you have to be careful when climbing down the bamboo ladders. It is quite steep. It will go down about 60 meters.
At bottom of the canyon, you will see the pool whose water is coming from up above. It is so cool inside of the canyon. The cliff is covered by the vegetation.
If you really want to have extreme adventure to go to Coban Sewu Waterfall, contact us right away. We provide Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Tour Package. We will make sure that you have great experience visiting this wonderful place. It would be better if you also combine it with Mt. Bromo Tour Package in order that your vacation is totally perfect.

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