Bromo Milky Way by Camping and Blue Flame Ijen Crater Tour

bromo milkyway by camping and blue flame jen craterBromo Milky Way by Camping and Blue Flame Ijen Crater Tour package is offered for those you love to enjoy natural view by camping in Mount Bromo. This tour takes 3 days and 2 nights. A lot of photographer from all over the world have already taken this package. If you have your heart set on taking this tour package, try to get to Surabaya in the morning, around 8 or 9 AM. Therefore, you will still have time to take a rest for a while. The hotel has been prepared for you. And the tour will start in the midnight. It is just like Bromo Midnight Tour Package.
Do you have holiday in Bali? If you do, it is better for you to select Ijen Crater Tour first. It is due to the fact that Ijen Crater is near from Bali. The tour starts at midnight as well. Therefore, you enjoy Bali first. Here is detail information about Bromo Milky Way by Camping and Blue Flame Ijen Crater Tour package.

Bromo Milky Way by Camping and Blue Flame ijen craterTour 3 Days

Day 1: Surabaya – Camping in Mount Bromo For Milky Way and Sunrise Holiday
We will pick you up at Surabaya Airport. Or if you have been in Surabaya and stayed in a hotel, we will pick you up right there. Then, we will take you to parking lot in Bromo National Park. It takes about three and a half hours by car. The tour is continued by riding Jeep 4 WD. You will be taken to the place where you will stay one night there. You shouldn’t worry since accommodation is prepared like tent, snacks, hot tea or coffee, It must be cold there. So, there will be bonfire to warm up the body at night.

Day 2: Bromo Milky Way – Bromo Sunrise Tour – Hotel in Ijen Crater
You need to wake up at midnight because you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see Milky Way. Make sure that your camera battery is full. Sometimes, it is hard to find the Milky Way appearance but our tour guide has experience about that. So, you will be guided to see the appearance. You only need to prepare your best camera to take picture of Milky Way. Enjoy the beautiful view till sunrise at around 05.20 AM.
When the sun rises, you don’t only see the beautiful view of sunrise, but also amazing Sea of Sand and Mount Batok Semeru Volcano as the highest mount in Java. However, you should continue the tour at 6.30 AM since you have to go to Mount Bromo Crater. It only takes about 25 minutes by Jeep. However, you can go to crater by Jeep. Jeep has to be parked in Sea of Sand then you need to do trekking about 30 minutes to reach crater. If you feel like there is no energy to trekking, you can ride horse instead. By riding a horse, you will get the crater in 15 minutes.
When you have finished enjoying crater, we will take you to the hotel in order that you have breakfast. Then, you can get shower and check out. You need to do it since you have to continue traveling about 6 hours to go to Ijen Crater. Possibly, you will arrive there at night. The hotel will be prepared over there.

Day 3 : Blue Flame Ijen Crater Holiday – Surabaya Airport / Hotel
At 11 PM, we need you to wake up and prepare for next tour. We are going to visit Blue Flame Ijen Crater. We have to arrive there at 00.00 AM. We will provide a van. To get there, it needs about 2 hours.
After enjoying Blue Flame Ijen, we are heading to the top of Ijen Volcano. We have to go there at 02.00 AM and park the van in the provided parking lot. Then, we continue touring by trekking for about one and a half hour.
We will get to the top of Ijen Crater at 03.30 AM. Then, we will lead you to get down to bottom of the crater for 40 minutes. Over there, you will be able to enjoy Blue Fire Ijen Crater. At 05.30 AM, we need to come back. It is the end of Blue Flame Crater appearance.
You will have time to enjoy Ijen Volcano Crater view at the top. However, you have to return to hotel to have breakfast. Then, you can have shower and take a rest. You will be ready to check out at 12.00.

Further Information
When you take this tour package, you have to know that it starts camping in Bromo Milky Way when you arrive in Surabaya at morning. However, it is not possible for you to arrive at morning, you need to stay one night since you only can take Bromo Midnight tour if you would like to enjoy Milky Way.
If your flight to your country is in the afternoon, it would be better if you just stay in a hotel in Surabaya after Ijen Crater Tour.
Please contact us for more detail information about Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package including price and services that you will get.

Facilities :
Private transportation during the tour
Transportation fuel, travel tax and parking fee
Private Jeep 4 WD for Mt Bromo Milky Way & Sunrise Tour (Sunrise, Love Hill, Wide Sea of Sand, Crater, Savanna Hill and Whispering Sand)
Mineral dringking along the tour
Entrance Fee for all tourism objects according the itinerary
Local guide for Ijen Crater Trekking and Milky Way
1 Night Camping for Milky Way tour at bromo
Camping facility (2 small and big tent, hot tea or coffee drinking, bonfire to warm body, Breakfast)
Hotel and Breakfast in Ijen Crater

Excluded :
All Lunch and dinner
Personal expense
Horse rent at bromo

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