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Bromo semeru Trekking tour Package This is just another spectacular option for those who want to experience Bromo Semeru Trekking tour Package. There is no doubt that Mount Semeru has been so popular around the world. This majestic mount is known as the highest mount in the island of Java, which reaches 3.676 meters above sea level. The peak of the mount is named the Peak of Mahameru, which is also known as Jonggring Saloko. If you are looking for the right trekking Tour Package to get you to the mount, you can try Bromo Semeru hiking tour. This trekking package is actually the combination of two popular destinations which include Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. These two mounts are situated on the same route, so you can visit them both. If you go there by Bromo Jeep, the trip will take about one hour.

The trekking package for Semeru Bromo tour takes 4 days and 3 nights. By taking that trekking package, you can reach popular spots in Mount Semeru, such as Lake Pane, Lake Regulo, Lake Kumbolo, Kalimati, and of course the peak of Mount Semeru. On the other hand, when touring Mount Bromo, you can also enjoy the beauty if savanna hill, the overlay of sand seas of Bromo, Bromo crater, and of course the beauty of Bromo sunrise from the peak of view point. In order to reach the peak of Mount Semeru, you can choose several routes or tracks,  Malang, Lumajang, or via hiking track to mount Semeru through Lake Pake.

Here are some details itinerary of Bromo Semeru Trekking tour Package in 4 days and 3 nights :

Day 1: Surabaya – Ranu pani village

  • 09.35 am pick up from Surabaya airport and you will be taken to Ranu Pani village for 5 hours driving.
  • You will be guided to fill in the hiking approval document and medical check.
  • When all the requirements are met, you can have some rest at ranu pani homestay to prepare for your tour on the next day.

Day 2: Ranu Pani – Ranu Kumbolo – Kalimati

  • Right on the second day, you will have the real trekking to Mount Semeru.
  • First, make sure that all of your needs for the trekking are prepared, including your breakfast.
  • When everything has been set, you can start the very first walk to Lake Kumbolo, which is situated at 2400 meters above sea level.
  • The trip will take about 5 hours. Make sure you stop near the lake to rest and have your lunch before you continue.
  •  Afterward, you can go on to head to Kalimati for about 4 hours. Along the way to Kalimati, you will pass the Uphill of Love and Cemoro Kandang.
  • Just as you arrive at Kalimati, you need to have some rest and set up your tent.
  • It is highly suggested that you spend a night resting for the next trekking. The next part of the tour will be tougher than before.
    As you see, this particular Bromo Semeru hiking tour offers a lot of spectacular experiences. Well, you finally have reached Kalimati and had enough rest, now it is time for you to go on the next part of the trekking. Hereunder are what you will go through on the third and fourth day in Bromo Semeru Trekking Package.

Day 3: The Peak of Semeru (3676 meters above sea level) –Lake Kumbolo – Lake Pane – Cemoro Lawang Bromo

  •  As in some other Bromo Tour Packages, it is important that you get up before 12 pm to prepare all the essentials for you’re the next part of the tour. At 1:00 am after you have your breakfast, you can continue hiking to Arcopodho.
  •  This walk will take 1 hour to make. Next, you eventually proceed to the peak of Mount Semeru (3676 meters above sea level) with your tour guide or porter from the team of sunriseinbromo.com.
  •  In order to enjoy the fabulous scenery before sunrise, you had better start everything on time so you can reach the peak before sunrise.
  •  The view at the top during sunrise is just incomparable to any majestic natural views. At that height, you can see the horizon, the breathtaking view of the skies below, and the range of mountains and hills in East Java.
  •  Before you go back, make sure that you have your lunch and rest at Lake Kumbolo. As you recharge your energy then you are just ready for your way back to the starting point.
  • Go on to Ranu Pani and from there you will go in a Bromo Jeep to Cemoro Lawang Bromo.
  •  After you reach Bromo Tourism Resort in the afternoon, you can stay overnight at guest house or hotel in Bromo.

Day 4: Bromo Sunrise Tourism Resort at Hiking Point 1 – the Crater of Mount Bromo –  Surabaya/Malang

  •  As in some other Bromo Tour Packages, the Sunrise hiking starts from the hotel at 3:30 am by Bromo Jeep to the view point, at which you can see the sunrise of Bromo.
  •  The top of view point is the most fantastic place to view the sunrise of Bromo. From that point, you can see the panorama of Mount Bromo tourism resort perfectly.
  • After you have finished enjoying the view of Bromo sunrise, you can then go down to the sand sea of Bromo by Bromo jeep.
  •  Right from the parking area of Bromo Jeep, the trip continues to the crater of mount Bromo.
  •  However, it is impossible to take the jeep there, so you have to go there on foot. However, if you feel rather exhausted or you think that you cannot make the walk, you can always rent a horse to take you there.
  • When your exploration at the crater of Mount Bromo is accomplished, you can go back to the jeep and head to the hotel for breakfast, shower, and packing.
  • After packing is done, and so is Bromo Semeru Trekking tour Package, you can check out from the hotel and go back to Surabaya or Malang.

All in all, Mount Semeru has been one of the most popular mounts for local tourists and international ones who really love adventuring, hiking, and camping. For the community of mount climbers and the community of nature lover, trekking Mount Semeru is a must when visiting East Java. As you see, this particular Bromo Semeru climbing tour offers a lot of spectacular experiences.

Facilities :
  • Private transport with ac, driver and fuel during the tour
  • Entrance ticket fee for Mt Semeru and Mt Bromo
  • Porter Teams (trekking rescue and service)
  • Trekking facility for Mt Semeru (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, pillow, hot water, dinner, lunch, breakfast and cooking tools by porter service)
  • 1 Night Hotel included breakfast at Bromo resort
  • 1 Night at Ranupani guest house include breakfast
  • 1 Night camping at Kalimati Village by porter service
  • Private Jeep for Mt Bromo Sunrise Tour
  • English Speaking Tour Guides
Excluded :
  • Horse riding at Mt. Bromo
  • Personal expenses and insurance
  • Tips for driver, porters and local guide

Trekking information to Mount Bromo and Semeru Summit

Before you start Mount Semeru hiking tour, You must prepare the medical check (health note) from your doctor, If you can not prepare the medical check note, you can find it around Surabaya or Malang, you can also suggested to use Trekking Pole, Gass Mask and Personal Medicine. Trekking time to Semeru Summit is between Mei – December month, In rainy season will be closed the climbing activity due to the landslide sometime occured make the government notify for climbing tour. You can contact us For more detail information about bromo semeru trekking tour package price, accommodation and trekking facility.

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